More and more traders are choosing to use VPS (virtual private servers) on their desktop computers. A VPS as provided by WinnerFX, allows traders to have greater levels of control over issues such as internet failures, computer shut downs and security hitches.

During forex trading, speed, accuracy and consistency are key. Traders can sometimes miss out on opportunities or fail to close losing trades due to server issues. A VPS allows for trading activity to continue even when issues occur, ensuring funds and trades are kept safe. A VPS allows for maximum uptime and provides the following features:


As your trades become more sophisticated, your technology needs are sure to evolve too. With a VPS, you can easily grow and expand without having to start over again from scratch.

Exceptional Latency
By using a VPS, latency is drastically improved, so trades are conducted more effectively. In the fast-paced world of Forex trading this can really make a difference.

Improved Stability
The last thing that you need is for your network to crash mid-trade. With a VPS, your connection is monitored around the clock and uptime percentages as high as 99.9.


At WinnerFX we can provide a VPS service to traders who meet specific requirements. Speak to the WinnerFX team now to find out if you are eligible.