Trading metals is increasing in popularity and provides diversity to the portfolio of any trader. At WinnerFX, traders can enjoy great spreads and conditions for both gold and silver trading via their MT4 platform.

Investors have chosen Gold for centuries and there are many good reasons for this. Gold is often seen as a “safe haven” as it is more resilient to the effects of economic pressures and downturns. It is therefore frequently chosen as an additional tradeable instrument. The market for metals is highly liquid and is often influenced by a variety of factors, including political, economic and social events. Gold is commonly traded against the dollar as the value of one typically affects the value of the other.

Why Trade Metals?

Choosing to trade metals may have lots of benefits for traders. Here are some of the reasons professional traders choose metals:

You can trade metals 23 hours a day, 5 days a week

Enjoy great leverage on metals to amplify your trading.

Trade metals and forex to diversify your trading portfolio

Enjoy low fixed or floating spreads that are highly competitive

Get assistance any time you need from your personal account manager

Metal traders enjoy peace of mind as WinnerFX is an EU regulated broker


WinnerFX provides highly competitive spreads for metals. Please check the table below for full details.


Symbol Swap points - Long Swap points - Short Monetary Value - Long Monetary Value - Short
GOLD -3.87 -3.38 -3.87 -2.90
GOLDEURO -3.87 -3.38 -3.87 -2.90
Gold oz
GOLDoz -3.87 -3.38 -3.87 -2.90
Gold gr
GOLDgr -3.87 -3.38 -3.87 -2.90
SILVER -3.87 -3.38 -3.87 -2.90
SILVEREURO -3.87 -3.38 -3.87 -2.90
Platinium -3.87 -3.38 -3.87 -2.90


* 1 lot size of Gold is equivalent to 100 OZ.

Trading Hours

Metal trading is available 23 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday).