About WinnerFX

With 10+ years of solid trading history, WinnerFX is an industry name for excellence in forex and CFD trading. Chosen by traders around the globe, the company provides trading services for individual and corporate clients.

Established in 2006, Winners Capital Limited (WinnerFX) has grown to become one of Europe’s leading online forex and CFD brokers. Continually striving for excellence, the company also maintains highly ethical standards of trading within the industry. Maintaining an experienced core team has proved to be one of the pillars of the company’s success. It’s international team fully understand the financial markets and their inherent risks and successes. In doing this, they can provide honest and professional services to traders around the world. Today, WinnerFX is an award winning online forex and CFDs broker providing premium brokerage services to individual and corporate clients through its customized MetaTrader 4 platform.